Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Only Place To Buy Your Fruit 'n' Veg

I have been shopping in two places since we arrived here in Hong Kong. The open market on Graham Street, is by far the most popular one I goto. I just enjoy the hustle n bustle of the place.
I love buying fresh fish that is still alive as you pick it. Watching the sellers take about 3 or 4 cuts to kill it and gut it. Then it is descaled for you all within 10 seconds. An incredible sight to see.

The fresh meat sellers, whose stalls look anything buy hygienic, with the meat hanging up on hooks in the humidity, but so far we have not had any bad effects from buying from these guys.

The fruit & vegetable stalls, all selling bundles of the freshest looking fruit n veg I have ever seen and so cheap as well. It’s heaven living here.

The other market, which is actually closer to home, is the Sheung Wan Covered market. A 3 storey building, which sells meat, cooked and uncooked, fresh fish, fruit, veggies and some dry goods. Plus a stall that sells some fantastic fresh egg noodles.

Sheung Wan is a bit cheaper than Graham Street, but then again it’s all about location, location, location here in Hong Kong.
The top floor has a cooked food centre. We haven’t eaten there yet. Well we can only eat at so many places in a day. Hahahahaha.

There are plenty of supermarkets here in Hong Kong, which we have been into to buy the store cupboard necessities like soy sauce, rice wine vinegar etc etc. There are some foreign or ex-pat orientated supermarkets, which really stock everything you would find back home. But so far we not tempted to make tacos just yet.

They are also considerably more expensive than shopping at the local markets, and with prices of food on the increase the gap is widening.
We went the other day to the Bowington Road Market. Another fantastic market, if we were staying closer then I would be here everyday. It’s similar to the one in Central but more spacious and a lot cheaper. Shame its in Wan Chai.

Every Sunday at the Star Ferry Pier in Central there is an Organic Farmers Market. The produce is grown in the New Territories. Everything looks fantastic and fresh. They sell a lot of different varieties of salads that I have not seen before. No bags are provided for you, they advise you to bring your own, but they will wrap your veg in a leaf for you, so you can carry it away. Excellent idea. 
I just wish we could stay here longer. A month is not going to be enough.

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