Saturday, 26 April 2008

We've arrived in Hong Kong

We’ve been firmly entrenched in our small studio apartment in Sheung Wang for 2 weeks now, and it’s brilliant. We really love being here, finally we made it.
I have been real lazy in updating though, but here is a first of many updates from Hong Kong. I hope.
Our apartment/studio is small to say the least. Probably best for one person but we are coping well. The only downside is the kitchen, as we are on a tight budget, most of our eating will be done in this small one hot-plated kitchen. It’s frustrating to say the least. As only one hotplate, one small frying pan and one small pot. It drove me to despair, so I had to buy a bigger pan so at least I could do some stir-fries properly. Which has helped.

The good thing is that we are very close to two good markets. The nearest one is the 3 story Sheung Wang covered market. Which on the 1st floor has fish and meat, and the next floor is for veg and dry goods and 3rd floor has lots of cheap eateries.

In the other direction is the Graham Street outdoor market in Central, which is where I have been doing most of my shopping. Having a blast there. There are plans to redevelop this area one day, but hopefully they will fail, as it is a great place to shop.
So until the next post….

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