Sunday, 11 May 2008

Noodle Heaven

We were led into a false sense of security by our time in Japan, thinking that all noodles were going to be that good.
Sadly we were to be disappointed. I could not remember eating noodles before from a Chinese restaurant either in London or here in Hong Kong, so it all came at me as a shock to be honest.

After countless attempts to find somewhere that could deliver us some good noodle soup. We eventually found 3 that hit the spot. 

Stall number 3 upstairs in the Cooked Food Centre at the Bowrington Road Market. We visited a lot of wet and dry markets in Hong Kong and all of them have a cooked food centre on the top floor.

A lot of the food is pretty basic in the food centres, as it’s there for the local community, market workers and shoppers to eat at during the day. It’s simple and cheap. But sometimes you hit upon a stall that sends you to heaven.

Here at this simple stall, the owner puts a lot of love and care in his dishes. The base stock is really well made and such a good depth of flavor, we could actually taste how good the noodles were, and they were pretty damn good. 

I had barbecued pork on mine, and Lina went for duck. Oh yeah baby, they were yum yum yum..... The char siu had a good barbecued flavour and the duck was so soft.  
I noticed that when we were paying he also had a good mutton curry, a customer who was getting a take away said it was his favourite. I bet they would be fab with those noodles. 

Next was Mak's Noodles, a small hole in the wall close to Graham Street. We ventured into this place on a Sunday lunchtime, as it is a really busy place, you have to share. 

Which we were fine with, but our elderly neighbours didn’t look so keen, but maybe we were just disturbing them from their soup, as they looked like they were enjoying it. It was packed with old couples and families on for a lunchtime treat. 
I opted for their beef brisket noodles and Lina went for the pork with shrimp wonton noodles.

Again as above it’s the soup base that makes it, this one had a slight fishy tang to it, unusual but it was a real delight to eat.
My brisket was cooked really well, nice and soft and full of flavour. The pork and shrimp dumplings, made in house were pretty bloody good as well.

The third contender was a small place opposite Mak's called Tsim Chai Kee. Again same deal really, only slightly cheaper. Really good soup base made in house. Only thing I wish I’d have gone for their wide noodles.

Overall our time in Hong Kong had shown us what a great place it is. We have experienced a lot more than we thought we were going to.

We were both quite sad to leave as we had grown very attached to the city and its people.
Our final meal was actually Sashimi and Sake. It really was just an excuse to use my new knife.
Next stop Macau.

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